Below is a list of questions that are asked most frequently to the Board members here at Clarendon Estates. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please send an e-mail to Board@ClarendonEstates.com and you will receive a personal reply as quickly as possible.

1) How do I reserve the club house?
Send an email to board@clarendonestates.com with the date and time that you would like to reserve. We will add it to the calendar and post that the clubhouse is reserved on that date.

2) How can I become involved in the community?
Like most organizations, there is always plenty of work to go around. We greatly encourage involvement by as many members of the HOA as willing to participate. You can to check our Committees page for projects that we currently need help with or you can simply e-mail us at: Board@ClarendonEstates.com and let us know what you have in mind.

3) What do I do if I have concerns about the condition of Oak Ridge Road?
If you have concerns about the road conditions on Oakridge Rd. you may call the York county office of the SCDOT at (803) 327-6186. Once you call they will add your name to a growing list of residents requesting that the road be resurfaced.

4) Who do I call for trash pickup?
Clarendon Estates is currently serviced by D&D Sanitation. Trash pickup is on Tuesdays. You can reach them at (803) 222-3862.

5) How do I get a new mailbox or replacement parts?
Those can be ordered from BetterBoxMailboxes.com. The style is BB-B Traditional Decorative Aluminum Curbside Mailbox Black. The phone number is 864-386-9845

6) What should I do if I see something suspicious in the neighborhood (strange car parked for long amounts of time, etc.)?
Call 911 and ask for York County Sheriff's office. You can also call the non-emergency number which is 803-628-3059 between 8AM and 5PM or the after hours non-emergency number which is 803-628-3056 outside of that time frame.

**We will update these as often as possible so please check back often**